Why bother with persona workshops? iMaaS #2

What are you going to learn in a workshop that you don’t already know?

You may think that persona and customer journey workshops are a lot of hassle and are just something agencies have thought up to squeeze more money from you. After all, you already know your marketplace and your solutions inside out, so what are you going to learn in a workshop?

The problem is, it is very hard to see the situation from the prospect’s point of view. All they are interested in is how to overcome their business challenge and make more money. They probably haven’t even heard of your solution and have no idea why it is relevant to them.

Get inside the head of your client

So the aim of the workshop is to really get inside the head of your ideal client to understand what their challenges are and what messages will get their attention.

The value of the persona workshop was demonstrated by the one we ran for the iMaaS campaign for Amadeus. The product we were marketing was Amadeus B2B Wallet which is a virtual card payment system for the travel industry. The global marketing team had used their relationship with some of their clients to develop some product collateral. This collateral was centred around how virtual card payments work and the advantages of the Amadeus offering compared to competitors.

In the workshop the salesperson for the solution stated that 80% of the prospects he met had no idea what virtual cards and virtual payments were. This came as a shock to the global marketing team. Their contacts all came from big global agencies which already used virtual card payments. But 80% of the market were the midsized travel agents who are a lot less technology savvy. All these midsized companies are interested in is increasing their profit margins so they can survive in what are particularly tough times for the travel industry.

So from that one realisation, the top of the funnel messaging changed from how virtual cards work, to how an agency can improve profit using virtual cards.

Shaping the customer journey from the persona workshop

Therefore the Amadeus customer journey was:

  1. Becoming aware that one way to improve profit was to use virtual cards.
  2. To considering how much a virtual card would improve the profit margin of their particular agency.
  3. To deciding to buy Amadeus B2B Wallet rather than some other virtual card supplier.

Once we had established this journey we matched their existing content to it and created new content to fill the gap at the start (awareness stage) of the journey.

If you want to find out more about persona and customer journey workshops download our eBook: The 9 Core Elements of iMaaS. In it we illustrate the value of the workshops by showing the full output of one we did for Amadeus IT.

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