What is the biggest reporting challenge for Marketing Operations?

Reporting on marketing’s performance is one of the most important roles for Marketing Operations. Without accurate numbers, how do senior marketers justify their budgets? How do they know which activities are driving the most revenue and how to use their resources? Preparing for Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) often involves each region interpreting their results in different ways. Then it is left to the CMO to merge these figures together with some optimistic guess work.

We have found our clients particularly have issues with external intent data platforms like Techtarget, Bombora and Zoominfo. These platforms target, and retarget, contacts on LinkedIn using their names, job titles and company names. But often these names and titles don’t match the details in our clients’ internal systems, which tend to govern contacts using their email addresses. To get an accurate measure of the effectiveness and influence of the intent data, marketing operations often has to do a lot of manual intervention. This is time consuming and needs to be taken into consideration, at least until better API’s are set up between the third party platforms and the internal ones.

Effective Marketing operations means reliable performance metrics are generated through a reporting platform in real-time. But this takes skill and experience to set up. As the martech stack gets more complex it is harder to collate all the data from different systems in a coherent meaningful way.

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