Overcoming blockers in the digital transformation of marketing

The people aspect of a digital transformation project is potentially the most stressful. Often you find the longest serving, most loyal people are the ones who struggle the most to adapt to the new way of working.

New skillsets required

For instance as their organisation does more digital marketing, senior content editors and copywriters are asked to come up with a content strategy. In digital marketing a content strategy is less about what you are going to say and more about how you are going to say it. It entails planning how you distribute and leverage content through the various channels across a 6-12 month period. You need to create a process or mechanism of timely distribution so the prospect can access the relevant information for their stage of the customer journey. You have also got to make sure the content is accessible via whatever medium the prospect chooses at any given time (mobile, video, downloads, printed material, webinars, workshops etc).

Generally senior content people are more comfortable with creative activity like devising messaging and making an impact. They don’t understand the inbound process and the technology the content strategy sits on, so they simply can’t work out how to create an effective content strategy.

Technical vs Creative

Marketing is changing. It is becoming less of an art and more of a science every day. We have found that in a digital team you need only 40% creative people and 60% technical people. This is backed up by O2 Business. During their four year digital transformation project they had to shed a quarter of their marketing team and, of the 15 left, six were creatives and 9 dealt with technical execution and process. They also reduced their inside sales team by 50%.

Give people time

O2 invested heavily in retraining their people but they also did it in a phased approach. Everyone needs time to adapt and you need to keep them on the journey by setting reachable goals. Often when you bring in new technology you underestimate the amount of change management needed to get people to use it properly and work in a new way. Online training can be a useful way to enable people to train at their own pace and to continually improve their skillset.


In our eBook The 5 Biggest Challenges for the Digital Transformation of Tech Sector Marketing we will go through each challenge in detail, explaining why they are so troublesome, and giving you tips on how you can overcome them. We can’t make Digital Transformation simple for you, but we can make it achievable.