What is Inbound Marketing as a Service – iMaaS?

The end to end inbound marketing process is has many moving parts such as email automation, blogging, social, content creation, forms and data cleansing etc. To get decent results you need to be able to integrate all these elements together so the prospect gets a consistent experience that delivers value.

With iMaaS you outsource all the elements of an inbound campaign to us and we integrate them, on either your existing platform, or on one of ours.

Then we provide you with a steady stream of marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

The reason clients use iMaaS is because they have lead targets they need to hit sooner rather than later. In other words they can’t wait:

  • to train their existing team members
  • to hire new people with the requisite skills.
  • to set up email/inbound marketing from scratch

Sometimes iMaaS is used as a training aid. So as an internal team is slowly getting to grips with inbound marketing they use one of our iMaaS campaigns as an example of a best practice campaign that they can copy.

Download our eBook case study

The 9 core elements of Inbound Marketing as a Service (iMaaS) – illustrated by the Amadeus IT campaign.

In the eBook you will learn what the 9 core elements of iMaaS are. We use a case-study of an ongoing campaign for global travel software supplier Amadeus IT to illustrate how they all fit togther to produce a steady stream of MQL’s

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