3 Reasons why tech vendors struggle with marketing automation and inbound

Although tech vendors were early adopters of Marketing Automation Platforms like Eloqua and Marketo, they often really struggle to get the results they expect from the hefty investment.

The usual reasons for this are:

  1. The existing members of the marketing teams don’t have the required skill-sets.

Typically tech vendors with mature marketing teams are very good at traditional “push” marketing but need a lot of training to do digital “pull” marketing effectively.

  1. No one in the marketing team has the technical know-how to run software like Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs)

MAPs are complicated software platforms which require a lot of technical skill to run properly. Marketing teams haven’t needed these skills so much in the past and it can be hard to find marketing technologists to fulfill these roles.

  1. No one really understands the end to end inbound lead generation process so people end up working in isolated silos.

Inbound marketing has many moving parts like web, email, blogging, content, social, and SEO. To integrate these efficiently takes a lot of experience and knowledge which few people have.

Amadeus & iMaaS

The Inbound Marketing as a Service (iMaaS) campaign we recently did for Amadeus illustrates these points. Amadeus are a global IT company and one of the leading providers of travel booking systems. The UKI Marketing Director wanted to do more inbound marketing but no one in her team understood how to integrate email, social and blogging into a coherent campaign. They had their own instance of Eloqua but they were using it in isolation and not getting the value they could from it.

The 9 stages of iMaaS

The UKI Marketing Director saw an opportunity to outsource a campaign for a new virtual payment product they were launching called the Amadeus B2B Wallet. Martrain carried out a 9 stage iMaaS campaign: 

  1. Persona and customer journey workshop for B2B Wallet
  2. Content audit against customer journey
  3. Content creation (downloadable eBook etc)
  4. Creation of database
  5. Creation of emails
  6. Management of email workflows in Marketing Automation Platform (MAP: Eloqua)
  7. Creation of landing pages and forms in MAP
  8. Creation and publishing of weekly blogs & newsletters
  9. Daily social posts

If you want to find out the details of how this Amadeus iMaaS campaign worked then download our eBook. With iMaaS you outsource all the elements of a campaign to Martrain and we integrate them either on your existing platforms, or on ours, and then we deliver a steady stream of MQL’s.


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