Give your marketing a Digital Transformation

Like most marketers you probably enjoy the creative aspects of producing marketing collateral. The challenge  however is that in the digital age marketing material can’t just look good and grab people’s attention. It actually has to generate measurable leads. If you can’t definitively say how much pipeline each piece of collateral has produced you are not doing your job.


We have three main areas of expertise that overlap to enable you to give your marketing a digital transformation

Marketing Automation

When we do a marketing automation audit for our clients, we find that they are generally getting 20% of the return they should be from what is, let’s face it, an expensive marketing tool. We fix this by either:

  1. Setting up your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and CRM properly and teaching your team how to use them effectively
  2. Or running end to end inbound campaigns either on your existing platform or on one of ours. This is called Inbound Marketing as a Service or iMaaS for short.

Content and Creative

You are doubtless aware that currently in the enterprise tech sector 60% of the buying process is completed before a prospect interacts with a sales person. So creating content that grabs prospects’ attention, and propels them along the buyer’s journey is crucial to driving pipeline. The best way to maximise the value of content is first to analyse where prospects are getting stuck in the buyer’s journey. Then create content specifically designed to deliver value to the buyer and push them onto the next stage of the sales cycle.

Account Based Marketing

At Martrain we break ABM into two categories:

  1. Research and Insight: to uncover DMU’s, Business Challenges, IT Landscape, Strategic Imperatives and short-term engagement opportunities.
  2. Sustained Engagement: leveraging the account insight into long-term campaigns using tailored collateral and marketing automation.

We enable you to maximise the value from your key accounts with sustained, relevant messaging.

Growth Driven Design

Our web developers follow the Growth Driven Design philosophy

You probably upgrade your website every two or three years. It looks good and has lots of useful information. You may even use social media and blogging to drive lots of visitors to it. But how many of those visitors actually turn into qualified sales leads?

The reason the number of leads is so low is because you probably haven’t got the mechanism within the site to convert those visitors into leads and then move them along your sales funnel so they become qualified sales leads.

Our philosophy of Growth-Driven Design will change your website into a lead machine that will drive the growth of your business.

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