Integrated marketing for maximum return

Martrain is a multi-channel marketing agency with twenty years of experience in the B2B Technology sector.


We leverage our unrivalled knowledge of the technology and the marketplace into a suite of services which include; email and marketing automation, social sales, content marketing, sales enablement, media buying and advertising, creative services, telemarketing, and channel marketing.


Disruptive technologies like Software as a Service (SaaS) and the Cloud have transformed the tech sector. B2B buyer behavior has also been revolutionised by the web, but as a specialist agency we have the insight to capitalise on these changes.


In a landscape where competition is fierce and margins are constantly under pressure we work with leading marketers at global Tech brands such as SAP, VMware, SAS and Mitel to deliver tangible value across the whole buying cycle.


By combining telemarketing with all the other channels we deliver genuine sales and marketing alignment. We generate both MQLs, SQLs and “real-time buying opportunities” that can be acted upon immediately, or nurtured down the funnel. Martrain has kept clients like SAP for two decades because we deliver true ROI culminating in quantifiable revenue.


And by acting as the bridge between your marketing and sales teams, as well as feeding and managing opportunities through your sales funnel, Martrain provides long term, sustainable value.


The case-studies on our site will give you a better idea of exactly how we deliver the return on your marketing investment so if you would like to speak to someone please call 0117 923 9200 or go to the Contact page.